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Optimal property management services

High-quality support is indispensable to ensure that property owner, tenant and occupants are all satisfied. We make every effort to achieve this, for example by paying meticulous attention to every detail.

Our services

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Lease management

Fair leasing with long-term horizons

We offer a full range of property management services to private owners of multi-family homes and public sector lessors. Naturally, our goal is to achieve a sustainable yield for our clients, while at the same time striving for satisfied tenants.

The process begins with a meticulous selection of tenants which entails more than examining the reputation and credit standing of any interested parties: there has to be a match between the new tenant and the building. Our objective is to ensure a long-term lease relationship – without the need for mediation and without court disputes.

We know when a property needs to be optimized, renovated or structurally or conceptually updated, for example by modifying the floor plan.

Another factor of a successful long-term lease is transparency which we provide with our highly professional management program.

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Condominium management

A sophisticated merging of a variety of interests

In addition to a professional economic organization, condominium management requires particular foresight, not to mention instinct to weigh the owners’ individual interests and find ways to meet their needs within a well-functioning community.

We support condominium owners and address all necessary structural and organizational issues. Under our leadership, owner meetings are solution-oriented and pleasant for all parties concerned.

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Management consulting

Focusing on the preservation and enhancement of property value

KEHL Real Estate provides competent advice on potential future scenarios involving multi-family homes and condominiums in consideration of the structure and lifecycles of each building or of user requirements which may change at a moment’s notice. Does the building need to be repaired or renovated? We will establish the extent of any intervention that may be necessary, including the corresponding cost/benefit bases.

The preservation and enhancement of value are at the focus of our considerations, while always keeping an eye on changes in demography, the laws and particularly the tenancy laws.
Wertsteigerung steht im Mittelpunkt unserer Überlegungen. Dabei fällt immer auch ein Seitenblick auf demografische, rechtliche und mietrechtliche Veränderungen.



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